Aspiration Quest

Day 2

Left crazy lady’s house.
Tor eats ham.
Cho and Tor head down road.
“You miss out on good opportunity!”
Cho see strange building in field. Tor go.
Bet Tor $2 he couldn’t get in. Tor win.
Weird door. Takes steam to open. Nothing inside. Left names.
end of session 1

Back on road. Tor sense danger! They wait. Nothing. Cho mad.
Tor finds dead body behind tree. Cho never finds out. Tor prays or something.
Guy up ahead runs off the trail to avoid our heroes.
Open field of stumps. Cho reflects on how pretty this region is.
Naked lady in field collapses. Whatever.
Back in forest, get to Pineridge. Beard guys.
Tea shop. Weird weird guy in dress and harness counter selling chicken broth.
Cho buy chickens, and firewood, and beef jerky. All come to $15.
Cho cooks chicken over open flame. Tor eat half raw.
Bearded lady sells things for way too expensive.
On way out, Cho tell Knight “Better pass that town up or turn around.”
Tor attacked by squirrel. Cho kill with shield.
Getting dark, find sign leading to light.
Light belongs to creepy lodge surrounded in graveyards. They spend the night.
Cho nightmares. Tor hungrymares.



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